how to save instagram photos

How to Save Instagram Photos and Videos on Android

Instagram currently doesn’t allow you to download media directly from the app. The closest thing you’ll get is the “saved posts” feature which is still pretty neat as it allows you to keep a private album of photos in a tab within your profile. However, if you want to save Instagram…

grammar-checking software

Grammar-Checking Software: Why You Should Use Grammarly

Grammar-checking software is something that every writer, student and professional should use. “Why don’t I just use a spell checker,” you ask? Because they suck. I mean, they do what they’re supposed to—which is correct spelling errors, but they fail to check for grammar errors. That’s why teachers…

instagram profile

How to Add Multiple Links in Instagram Profile

Instagram currently allows you to have one Instagram profile link and it’s most likely going to stay that way. That means if you want to add multiple links in Instagram, you’ll have to resort to third-party tools. Thanks to our friend over at Girl Knows Tech, we’ve discovered Linktree,…

walkcar - future skateboard

WalkCar – The Laptop-sized Future Skateboard

What is a WalkCar? WalkCar is a revolutionary transportation device that can reach speeds of up to 16km/h. It’s basically an advanced, future skateboard and possibly the most compact hoverboard you’ll find. You can use this device to conveniently get to school, work or grocery shopping, faster. Like many…

portable laptop charger

Line Dock – The Smartest Portable Laptop Charger

In a modern day, we rely on accessories to fuel our mobile technology. These include adapters for our laptops and smartphones, external hard drives, and power banks. Added together, that’s quite a lot to have to carry around. It makes mobile feel… all that less mobile. Aware of…