Battery Drains Quickly? Get a PowerBear Battery

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Battery drains quickly?

I was on the same boat. Especially since I’m always on my phone and my apps suck up a lot of juice. We rely so much on our phones now but there just never seems to be enough battery life to last us through the day. That’s why portable chargers were invented but they’re just so inconvenient. To shed light on this issue, I made a little discovery and experimentation not too long ago.

I owned an LG G3. It was a solid phone but the battery drains quickly. After an overnight charge, it would only last me until about 4pm before I’d have to charge it again. Due to the inconvenience, I decided to look on Amazon for an extended battery. After quite a bit of research, I came across the brand “PowerBear,” which is a company that manufactures extended batteries and rechargeable battery cases. The reviews were excellent so I decided to order an extended 6500mAH battery for my LG G3, more than double the capacity of my 3000mAH stock battery. It also came with a case and a back cover.

Ever since that day, after an overnight charge, I’d go to bed at the end of the day with 20% left on my phone. Until I sold it two months ago that is… now I have an LG G5 that dies quickly. O^O If you’re wonder how durable the cases are, let’s just say I’m a clumsy, dropped my LG G3 dozens of times and it still survived until we parted ways.

TL;DR: If your battery drains quickly, buy a PowerBear extended battery because they’re worth it and will drastically extend your battery life. They come with durable cases too!

I’ve gathered all of the PowerBear cases down below for your convenience. They’re around $40 a piece. If you found this article useful, remember to share and subscribe to our newsletters for more useful Tech Tips.

Search for a PowerBear case for your phone down below!

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