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3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Temporary Email Address

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When I check the inboxes to my emails, I like to see a clean, spam-free list of new messages. Don’t you?

You may not like spam mail but I understand that sometimes you’re forced to give out your email address so that you can receive the free eBook, sample, coupon or information that was offered to you in exchange. As a result, you end up receiving dozens of spam emails in your inbox about random promotions that you never wanted to receive in the first place. Not very cool at all.

A way to prevent this would be for you to generate a free temporary email address to use instead. That way, you can reap the benefits of providing an email online without having to use your own.

What is a Temporary Email Address?

A temporary email address is an email account that’s obtained using a mail generator. It’s made only to last a short amount of time so basically, it’s a one-time use email. After it’s generated, you’ll be able to access the temporary mailbox for a duration that’s typically between an hour – a couple of days, depending on the website. Within that time period, you’re free to use the temporary email address however you’d because when it expires, all the messages will be deleted anyways and you’re left spam-free. That means you can now go on a newsletter sign-up spree to get as many free deals as possible without having to give out your information! Here are the benefits:

1. Reduce spam in your inboxes

After obtaining your email, many companies love to provide you with newsletters filled discounts and other things they want you to buy. Most of the time you probably aren’t even interested so what’s the point of receiving them? By not giving out your actual email address, you won’t be receiving any spam mail from the companies you gave your email out to.  Say goodbye to unnecessary newsletters, offers, and other promotions.

2. Maintain Privacy and Security

The internet is a scary place and that’s why you don’t want to go around providing your email to everywhere that asks for it. In some cases, websites will even sell your information to third parties—which means you’re prone to receiving tons of junk mail and other security risks from hackers. When you’re surfing the web, you want to feel secure. Using a temporary email address will keep you anonymous and help you maintain your privacy.

3. Saving Time

If you’ve ever tried sorting through your emails to separate the good from the junk, you know how time-consuming it can be. I’ve had times where I’ve had to sort through thousands of emails because I get tired of deleting junk emails so I just end up leaving. It’ll take you a lot less time to sort through your mail when you’re not receiving spam!

Obtaining a Temporary Email Address

temporary email address

The site I like to use to generate a temporary email address is called ThrowAwayMail. This mail generator creates one-time use emails so as soon as you enter the site, it’ll provide you with an email and a temporary mailbox to access for 48 hours before it expires. If it’s just temporary, that should be plenty of time for you to do what you need to do.

However, if you think you’ll need the temporary email address for a longer period of time, I’d recommend Mailinator. It’s the only site I’ve found that never expires so you’ll be able to access the temporary mailbox for an indefinite length of time. This is possible because you’re given the option to create your own email name using the extension and each time you visit the site, you can just type in the same email address and access it again. It’s a great tool to generate a fake email for long-term purposes.

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