The Best Method to Install Software on Your Windows Computer

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Do you like to install software or update your existing software? I don’t. Installing software is tedious for a couple of reasons—there are too many screens to go through, and sometimes junk or toolbars get installed during the computer software installation.

Then there are updates for your software, which usually involves manually checking for the updates or downloading the newest version of the software and reinstalling it. It’s not a fun task to do and it can be time-consuming.

The Solution – Install Software the Easy Way

Meet Ninite, a popular and easy way to install software.

In fact, it’s one of my favorite tools. With over 80 useful software to choose from and the option to select multiple pieces of software at once, Ninite does the entire installation for you; hassle-free. After you select your software, you just download the Ninite executable file.

Running the Ninite will begin the download and software setup of all the programs you’ve chosen. It will also decline all junk or toolbars along the way.

The list of software on Ninite’s website includes web browsers, security software, media tools, utilities, developer tools and lots of other programs that may come in handy too. The list is constantly growing as well. Check the image below for currently available apps.

install software

On top of it all, if you run the Ninite file you downloaded further down the road, it will update all the software it originally installed; that means you’ll never have to manually update or download new versions of your software again.

Go ahead, give it a try. Visit Ninite.com to get the best software installer for PC!

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