Just some cool, trending gadgets! Maybe some oldies as well.

ultimate laptop stand - Pwr+ portable laptop stand

The Ultimate Laptop Stand – Pwr+ Portable Laptop Stand Review

  I think I've found the ultimate laptop stand! Before I talk about it, let's just go over some facts that influenced me to buy...
popsocket review phone grip

PopSocket Review – Is it Actually Worth Buying?

If you don't know what a PopSocket is, I'd suggest you read my other article about it first. PopSocket – The All-in-One Phone Grip, Stand,...

Thinpl – The Card That Replaces All Cards in Your Wallet

I don't know about you but for as long as I remember, I've been using a minimalist wallet. I personally dislike the idea of...
Contour Slickwraps phone skins

Contour – Prints Phone Skins Right Onto Your Smartphone

Slickwraps just invented a printer that sprays vinyl phone skins onto iPhones, Androids and all other mobile devices. It's called the Contour and this new...

PopSocket – The All-in-One Phone Grip, Stand, and Cord Wrap

What is a PopSocket? PopSocket is a new and innovative gadget for your phone or tablet that makes for an excellent phone grip, phone stand,...
walkcar - future skateboard

WalkCar – The Laptop-sized Future Skateboard

What is a WalkCar? WalkCar is a revolutionary transportation device that can reach speeds of up to 16km/h. It's basically an advanced, future skateboard and...
portable laptop charger

Line Dock – The Smartest Portable Laptop Charger

In a modern day, we rely on accessories to fuel our mobile technology. These include adapters for our laptops and smartphones, external hard drives,...
mpow bluetooth headset

Mpow Bluetooth Headset Review – Affordable & High Quality?

The Purchase The Mpow Bluetooth headset is one of my latest tech purchases. Over the last few weeks, I spent an adequate amount of time...
FlowMotion - Video Smoothing

FlowMotion One – The Smartphone Stabilizer

FlowMotion is a video stabilizer built into a selfie stick that enables anyone to capture smooth, professional-like videos with a smartphone. It doesn't
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