popsocket review phone grip

PopSocket Review – Is it Actually Worth Buying?

If you don’t know what a PopSocket is, I’d suggest you read my other article about it first. PopSocket – The All-in-One Phone Grip, Stand, and Cord Wrap So… Popsocket. It’s just a phone grip and stand, right? That’s what I thought, anyway. Since I love spending money…

walkcar - future skateboard

WalkCar – The Laptop-sized Future Skateboard

What is a WalkCar? WalkCar is a revolutionary transportation device that can reach speeds of up to 16km/h. It’s basically an advanced, future skateboard and possibly the most compact hoverboard you’ll find. You can use this device to conveniently get to school, work or grocery shopping, faster. Like many…

portable laptop charger

Line Dock – The Smartest Portable Laptop Charger

In a modern day, we rely on accessories to fuel our mobile technology. These include adapters for our laptops and smartphones, external hard drives, and power banks. Added together, that’s quite a lot to have to carry around. It makes mobile feel… all that less mobile. Aware of…