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selling platform

Top 3 Selling Platforms For Selling Used Things Locally

Have old things you want to get rid of? Whether it be electronics, clothing, vehicles, or other junk, try these three selling platforms out to get...
save a web page as a PDF

How to Save a Web Page as a PDF on Google Chrome

Why save a web page as a PDF? You can view a PDF offline The images will be saved along with the text It's...
how to screenshot snipping tool - screen capture tool

How to Screenshot in Windows Using a Built-in Screen Capture Tool

We're all pretty familiar on how to screenshot using Printscreen inWindows already so that's not what we're going to be discussing in this post. What...
hard drive backup regularly

Why Should You Perform a Hard Drive Backup Regularly?

Hard Drives are Mysterious Hard drives are the most delicate parts of your computer, and also the most mysterious when it comes to lifespan. This...
snappy driver installer - best driver updater

Snappy Driver Installer – The Best Driver Updater and Installer

As a computer technician who's worked on hundreds of computers, I've concluded that finding and updating drivers is the most tedious task for a...
chrome memory usage

The Solution to the Google Chrome Memory Usage Problem

The Problem - Google Chrome Memory Usage Google Chrome is infamous for being a memory hog. For some reason, even if you have just a...
how to save instagram photos

How to Save Instagram Photos and Videos on Android

Instagram currently doesn't allow you to download media directly from the app. The closest thing you'll get is the "saved posts" feature which is still pretty neat...
grammar-checking software

Grammar-Checking Software: Why You Should Use Grammarly

Grammar-checking software is something that every writer, student and professional should use. "Why don't I just use a spell checker," you ask? Because they...
instagram profile

How to Add Multiple Links in Instagram Profile

Instagram currently allows you to have one Instagram profile link and it's most likely going to stay that way. That means if you want to...
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