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How to Add Multiple Links in Instagram Profile

Instagram currently allows you to have one Instagram profile link and it's most likely going to stay that way. That means if you want to...

How to Stop Oversleeping Using The Best Alarm App

When was the last time you hit the snooze button on your phone alarm a dozen times and woke up an hour or two...

How to Get Cheaper and Possibly Free McDonalds

A couple weeks ago, I enjoyed a free Big Mac burger and half-off a poutine from McDonald's. Unfortunately, I don't have a close up...

What’s the Best Portable Charger to Buy?

There are many different portable chargers out on the market, but how do you know what's the best portable charger to buy? In fact, it's really easy to figure out.

Battery Drains Quickly? Get a PowerBear Battery

Battery drains quickly? Honestly, I was on the same boat; especially since I'm always on my phone and my apps suck up a lot of juice. We rely so much on our phones now but there just never seems to be

How to Prevent Cellphone Data Overage Charges For Good

If you're constantly going over your mobile data limit every month, you should download "My Data Manager." It's a free app available to iPhone and Android users that manages the amount of data you use and tells you how many days are left of your billing cycle.

How to Maximize the Battery Charge Rate of Your Phone

Smartphones are a necessity of our everyday lives. We rely on them for multiple tasks throughout the day and usually have a hard time waiting for them to charge. There are many factors that affect the speed at which your phone charges:

How to Get Free Google Play Store Credits Using an App

Get free Google Play Store credits by filling out 2-3 questions surveys. These credits can be used towards your next app purchase from the Play Store.

How to Use Your Phone at the Cinema by Screen Dimming

Reducing Phone Brightness with screen dimming apps. Nobody wants to be a Tommy Texter, mainly because we don't want to be a distraction for those who are
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