Contour – Prints Phone Skins Right Onto Your Smartphone

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Slickwraps just invented a printer that sprays vinyl phone skins onto iPhones, Androids and all other mobile devices. It’s called the Contour and this new printer has just set the bar extremely high for the customization industry! This is awesome news for anyone who’s into phone customization.

When I first watched the video, I also couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like watching the machine dispense a magical layer of materials that precisely covered every inch of the casing on the iPhone. Actually, wait… that’s exactly what it did. What the heck is this technology?

In case you don’t know what vinyl phone skins (or wraps) are, they’re a layer a protection for your phone that helps prevent scratches, cracks and other blemishes. They’re essentially phone cases that don’t add any additional thickness to your phone. As with phone cases, you can also purchase vinyl phone skins in a variety of cool designs.

Now, if you’ve ever installed phone skins, you’ll know exactly how difficult it is to align the wrap perfectly without the presence of air bubbles. But with Contour, the entire procedure is effortless and takes approximately 2 minutes for a flawless wrap-job. Just choose a design from your computer and place your phone on the platform inside the I. This is what makes the printer so exciting!

When you’re sick of your phone skins, the vinyl can be peeled off easily and your phone will be ready for new wrapping.

Anyone can now purchase the Contour and customize their own phone skins with the printer at home. At the time of this post, the Contour is retailing at an affordable $299.99 USD but is sold out due to high demand.Very cheap for a printer of such capabilities and we can expect to see much more similar devices from here on out.

Check out the video below.

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