An Easier Way to Access the Task Manager

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Any user of Windows a computer will inevitably encounter the good ol’ Task Manager. For most of us, it is our default tool to open when programs freeze or when we want to close unwanted applications. It’s a tool that allows us to forcefully shut down programs, check what services are running and also find out what’s eating up the resources on our computers.

task managerWhen you open the task manager tool, do you hit CTRL + ALT + Delete and manually click on the “Task Manager” button? If your answer is yes, then this tip can save a few clicks of your time. There’s an even better keyboard shortcut that takes you directly to the task manager and this combination is:

CTRL + Shift + ESC

Go figure, right? For the longest time, we could’ve turned a two-step process into a one-step process. I guess it doesn’t make too much of a difference because the two-step process doesn’t take up much time anyway, but it’s always nice to know new shortcuts.

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