How to Get Free Google Play Store Credits Using an App

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Apps¬†aren’t that expensive but sometimes we just don’t want to spend the money on them.

I used to pay for apps but now it’s been a while since I payed for an app out of my own pocket. That’s because I’ve been earning free Google Play Store credits ever since about 5 months ago when I downloaded Google Opinion Rewards from the Play Store. It’s a rewards-based app that gives you credits for filling quick, 2-5 question surveys. Check out my rewards history below.


After installing the app, Google Opinion Rewards sends you notifications whenever a new survey is available for you to fill out. As you can see in the image above, Google usually sends you surveys a few times a week. Sometimes even two in one day. These surveys are usually based off of your recently visited locations or online purchases. By giving your input or review through the survey, you get rewarded. The rewards range anywhere from $0.10 and up and I’ve received as much as $0.75 for one survey. Might not seem like much at first but by the time you’re interested in buying a new app, you might even have enough free Google Play Store credits saved up to get it for free.

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