The Solution to the Google Chrome Memory Usage Problem

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The Problem – Google Chrome Memory Usage

Google Chrome is infamous for being a memory hog. For some reason, even if you have just a few tabs open, it will still suck up a good fraction of RAM from your computer. As a result of high chrome RAM usage, your browsing experience will become slower and your computer may even lock up. That’s why many computers with very little RAM will freeze while using Google Chrome. Once a computer runs out of memory, it will become unresponsive until some memory is freed. If you want to learn more about RAM, check out our “What is RAM and Why Does it Matter?” article.

chrome memory usageI’m someone who likes to have a million tabs open at once. It’s a bad habit, that’s for sure. Some tabs just seem too useful or important for me to close. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way about tabs.

Fortunately, I’ve found a fix to help reduce ram usage by up to 95% and make Chrome faster in the process! Here’s how to reduce chrome memory usage:


Since Google Chrome RAM usage relates directly to the number of tabs that are open, the only way to reduce RAM usage is if you close all of your tabs! That’s it. That’s the solution. Thanks for reading! Just kidding. I wouldn’t do that to you guys.

While that is definitely a solution, here’s a better one:

The OneTab extension for Google Chrome

Download | OneTab Chrome Extension

With the click of a button, your open tabs will instantly consolidate into one tab and free up an immense amount of RAM. The tab that remains is a special tab that will be labeled “OneTab,” and it’s a place where you can access all of your other tabs in the form of a list. It’ll look similar to the screenshot to the right.

When you use OneTab, you’re not actually closing any of your tabs but instead, keeping them in a “tab group” that you can access later. Each time you use OneTab, it’ll store your tabs in a different date which means you can even access tabs that you consolidated a week ago if you really wanted to.

Some additional features that are included in this extension:

  • Share as web page – this option allows you to share your tab group with others
  • Name tab group – group similar tabs together and save as a list to open instantly in the future
  • Drag and drop tabs – reorder the list of tabs in any way you want

This is the solution we’ve all been waiting for! It solves our chrome memory usage issue, reduces tab clutter and even helps make Chrome faster! Share this article with friends that also have memory problems.

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