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Grammar-Checking Software: Why You Should Use Grammarly

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Grammar-checking software is something that every writer, student and professional should use. “Why don’t I just use a spell checker,” you ask? Because they suck. I mean, they do what they’re supposed to—which is correct spelling errors, but they fail to check for grammar errors. That’s why teachers often tell us not to trust spell checkers and to triple-check our assignments before handing them in. Grammar checking software, however, can detect actual grammar errors and help you fix them on the fly.

I mean, haven’t you ever sent off an email and then notice mistakes immediately afterward? Happened to me and it’s quite embarrassing, especially if it was supposed to be a professional email. Could have been prevented with grammar-checking software.

After playing around with a few, the best grammar-checking software I found by far is GrammarlyIt’s an exceptionally powerful tool that eliminates errors, enhances clarity and meaning, and helps you become an overall better writer. Grammarly can easily find mistakes that Microsoft Word would never be able to because it looks beyond spelling mistakes. It’s able to identify and fix over 250 types of errors that include:

  • Contextual spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Style

Installing Grammarly

grammar-checking software

There are four ways you can install it onto your computer: As Windows or Mac software, an add-on for Microsoft Office or a Chrome extension for Google Chrome. Here are the links:

Grammarly for Google Chrome
Grammarly for Microsoft Office
Grammarly for Windows
Grammarly for Mac

Once you have it installed on your computer, it’ll automatically check for grammatical errors. Any grammar mistakes it finds will be underlined with a bold, red line. When you hover over the underlined text, it will offer suggestions and solve the issue for you. This means more time writing, and less time editing.

The Google Chrome version acts as an online grammar editor. It will correct anything you type out within the browser. That includes things like emails, social media, or blog posts.

The Microsoft Office add-in integrates into all of your Office apps, replacing spellcheck. You’ll notice a new editing menu appear on the side.

grammar-checking softwareThe Grammarly software for Windows and Mac is its own word-processing that includes all of Grammarly’s editing features. The word-processor is very basic, however, as it contains doesn’t include any tools for appearance. It’s only used for casual writing.

Grammarly is definitely a program that I recommend everyone to use. As I mentioned earlier, we’re all prone to making writing mistakes and Grammarly can totally save our butts.

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