The Easiest Screenshot Sharing Method for PC and Mac

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How do you capture and share screenshots on your computer?

I used to use Snipping Tool to grab the screenshot, save it and then send it off that way. Maybe you’re someone who uses print screen, copies the screenshot to Microsoft paint, saves it, and then shares it. While these are a couple of screenshot sharing methods you can use, drop it now because there’s an easier way using an app called Gyazo.

Gyazo – The Easiest Screenshot Sharing Method

screenshot sharing

It’s a neat little tool that allows you to capture anything on the screen by simply clicking and dragging your mouse across your screen.

When you release your mouse, Gyazo will open a link to your screen capture in your default browser. From there, you can download it in PNG format or share the link with others. It’s the easiest screenshot sharing method.

If you create an account with Gyazo online, you can even access previously captured screens. Gyazo stores your screenshots online. Interested? Download below.

Download | Gyazo

Let us know what you think about Gyazo in the comments section!

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