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How to Mass Delete Tweets Because Twitter Doesn’t Have the Feature

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Twitter is an amazing social media app except if want to delete old tweets. The developers don’t make it an easy task as it can be quite tedious scrolling through your feed and deleting them one at a time. Twitter doesn’t provide you with an option to mass delete tweets which kind of sucks. Maybe it’ll be implemented sometime in the future. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use a third-party tweet cleaner.

How to Mass Delete Tweets is a website that contains a tool that can help you delete multiple tweets at once. Giving you an option to delete 50 tweets per page. You just log in to your Twitter account and provide access to your API token and you’re all set to go. This tool allows you to:

  • View old tweets
  • Mass delete tweets
  • Delete all tweets at once (for a fresh start)
  • and Display your number of tweets

Delete Multiple Tweets At Once

Why would you need to delete multiple tweets at once? The obvious answer is because it saves time. Plus, I’m sure you’ve cleaned up your other social media accounts before—such as Facebook or Instagram sometime in the past. Another might be because as you grow, your thoughts and perspective changes and you might want to bury what you’ve tweeted in the past. You can get rid of any embarrassing or dumb tweet you’ve ever written!

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