How to Type Faster with this Quick Typing Tutorial

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So if you happened to stumble upon this article, it probably means you want to learn how to type faster; probably because your current typing speed is limiting your capabilities. Typing faster does come in handy when you’re typing out class notes, trying to finish your 20-page essay, or sending long messages to your friends. Whatever the reason, this method will teach anyone how to type quicker.

Here are some of the topics we’re going to go over to help you improve your typing speed:

  • Touch type and using the correct fingers
  • Use an online training tool
  • Practice and take your time

Touch Typing/Using the Correct Fingers

What is Touch Typing? It’s basically typing using all of your fingers without having to look down on your keyboard. This is most important part of learning how to type quickly and properly because you’ll need to keep your eye on your screen. The proper placement of your fingers is based around the Home Keys. The fingers on your left hand should be on the letters ASDF and the fingers on your right hand should be on JKL;—as shown in the image below:

how to type faster

The quickest way to remember which finger goes where is by identifying which finger is closest to the key you want to press. For example, you’ll use your left-hand pinky finger to press the Q key because your left-hand pinky is closest. Here’s a chart to help you remember what fingers go where. It’s even color-coded!

Green = Pinkies
Light blue = Ring fingers
Magenta = Middle fingers
Orange = Left index finger
Yellow = Right index finger
Spacebar = Thumbs
Everything else = Use whatever you want

how to type faster

You can even watch this quick video to familarize yourself with touch typing:

Remember, if you’re using the wrong fingers for hitting various keys on your keyboard, you’re actually slowing down your typing potential. There’s a reason you’re supposed to place your fingers on the home keys. The method is designed to help you type as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Use an Online Training Tool

I would recommend using Keybr – a free online typing tool for tracking typing speed and providing typing lessons. This is the one I personally use to improve my typing speeds. I like Keybr because it uses complicating computer algorithms to generate words so that you don’t get bored with repetitive exercises. The words Keybr generates will cater to what it identifies are your typing obstacles to ensure you’re getting the training you need.

Another cool thing about Keybr is that it includes a multiplayer mode that enables you to participate in challenges against other people. That means you can show off your new skills and see how much you’ve improved. Of course in this scenario, your goal is to win.

Practice and Take Your Time

The only way you’re going to learn how to type faster by making sure you practice and take your time. Think of something you’re skilled at and ask yourself how much practice you’ve had to get there. Remember that quick typing is not a talent, it’s a skill you have to develop. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where all of the letters become finger muscle memory and the only thing you’ll have to focus on is pressing the backspace button whenever you make a mistake.Don’t rush learning how to touch type either. Taking the steps slowly will help your fingers adapt to the correct keys.

Don’t rush learning how to touch type. Taking the steps slowly will help your fingers adapt to the correct keys. Also, try your best not to look down on your keyboard. Your fingers need to get a good feel of where the keys are.

I guarantee that if you spend at least 10 minutes a day practicing on Keybr, you’ll be a much faster typer in no time.

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