Mpow Bluetooth Headset Review – Affordable & High Quality?

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The Purchase

The Mpow Bluetooth headset is one of my latest tech purchases. Over the last few weeks, I spent an adequate amount of time testing out the various features and functions. I’ve owned numerous pairs of headphones, earphones, and headsets in the past—some which cost significantly more money than others—but it was these four factors that attracted my attention to this product:

  • The price was good – $27.99 CAD
  • The product received over 1,000 5-star reviews and few negative reviews
  • I dislike tangled cords
  • I didn’t want to pay over $100 for a high-end brand

Of course, I still had my doubts because the price seemed too cheap for it to be a decent quality product. However, the Mpow headset turned out to be a great purchase as it has above-average sound quality, it is comfortable to wear, and has a rather sleek design. Here’s an in-depth review on the product based on my personal experience.


It comes with about a dozen earpieces so you can find the right fit. After all, no two pairs of ears are the same so it’s great that Mpow can accommodate more than one ear shape. Depending on the occasion you’re using the headset for, you can switch between earpieces for your sporty or casual activities for optimal fit and comfort.

Call Quality

The center button allows you to receive incoming calls. If you double tap the button, it’ll call the last person you spoke with. People who I’ve spoken to through the headset report that they can hear my voice clearly and the reception is strong. So far, I am able to use the headset for Skype meetings on my laptop without any issues.

Bluetooth Connectivity

I’ve connected the Mpow Bluetooth headset to both my laptop and my smartphone and it connects effortlessly each time (usually within a couple seconds of switching it on). As far as the range goes, it will start to cut out once I walk an 8-meter distance away from my laptop or smartphone, which is a fairly decent connection distance. The range isn’t important in my opinion because we normally use our phones and laptops at close proximity anyways.

Noise Cancellation

It doesn’t have the best noise-cancellation but the feature is present. Depending on the volume, I can usually block out most external noises.

Charging the Mpow Bluetooth Headset

After a two hour charge, the headset lasts about 8 hours which, to myself, is a lot of playback time throughout the day. It comes with a charging cable but not a wall plug so you can either plug it into your laptop or the wall plug for your cell phone.

If you are interested in trying the headset yourself, you can order it here:

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