PopSocket Review – Is it Actually Worth Buying?

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If you don’t know what a PopSocket is, I’d suggest you read my other article about it first.

PopSocket – The All-in-One Phone Grip, Stand, and Cord Wrap

So… Popsocket. It’s just a phone grip and stand, right? That’s what I thought, anyway.

Since I love spending money on random gadgets, I decided to order a PopSocket for myself from Amazon a few days ago. I’ve gotten the opportunity to use it on my phone since and my opinion of the PopSocket changed drastically! I don’t know why I didn’t order one sooner.

This PopSocket review will explain to you in detail about my personal experience using it.

It’s Actually The Ultimate Phone Grip!

popsocket review phone grip

When I first installed the PopSocket on my phone, the obvious place I thought to put it was in the middle of my phone. Putting it there made it feel really really awkward to slip my fingers to be honest.

As soon as I positioned it slightly lower (as seen in the picture above), that’s when everything changed. It feels really natural to grip between my fingers and it’s giving me excellent control of my phone. I can literally wave my phone around in the air and defy gravity without worrying about it dropping.

It Works Well as a Phone Stand… in Landscape Mode

popsocket review phone grip

The kickstand feature on the PopSocket actually works very nicely, but only in landscape mode. There’s absolutely no chance that your phone will stay up in portrait mode because there’s just too much weight towards the top of your phone which makes your phone topple over. I haven’t tried it with a smaller phone, however.

While using the PopSocket as a phone stand, I’ve actually been watching more YouTube videos on my phone lately. I guess it just feels more convenient that my phone can prop itself up using the PopSocket now!

I Can Take Better Selfies With the PopSocket

PopsocketBecause the PopSocket gave my phone better grip, I can take shots at angles that would have otherwise been risky. I’m sure you know how it feels to take arm-length selfies; you need to grip your phone tightly so that it doesn’t drop.

I don’t need to worry about that with the PopSocket because I know my phone won’t drop while my fingers are gripping the PopSocket.

My Phone Feels Safe Without a Case Now

popsocket review phone grip

Two years ago, I shattered two phone screens in the span of 3 months. I guess I’m not the most careful person when it comes to electronic devices so I do tend to go through them very quickly. That’s why you won’t usually find me without a case on my phone.

Having used the PopSocket for a few days, I feel confident that I won’t drop my phone. I’ve officially taken the case off of my phone and slapped the PopSocket on instead! It’s a good feeling to have because I’ve always preferred the natural design on my phones.

My Thumb Can Move Around A Lot More

popsocket review phone grip

I normally use an LG G5 which has a bigger body compared to the Samsung Galaxy A5 shown in these images. I had to use my LG G5 as the camera to take pictures for this PopSocket review though!

The reason why I’m bringing this up is because I know the struggles of sometimes using one hand on a large-sized phone. It’s hard to reach certain areas of your phone with your thumb. PopSockets do make it much easier though. Since my fingers no longer have to be wrapped around my phone, I can maneuver my thumb a lot more easily now.

It makes texting with one hand a lot easier!

It’s Actually Fun to Fiddle With It

One of the features I like most about it is how addicting it is to play with. The fact that the PopSocket pops in and out makes it fun to fiddle with. It makes a satisfying “pop” sound as well.

I actually thought it was silly when I read this blurb on their website: “PopSockets ‘pop’ whenever you need a grip, a stand, an earbud-management system, or just something to play with.” But now you’ll find me fiddling with one all day long…

It’s not really something I can explain but all I can say is you need to try it to believe it.

PopSocket Review – The Verdict

I would recommend a PopSocket to anyone with a smartphone! I honestly think that every phone manufacturer should ship one of these things out with their phones.You just don’t realize how useful it actually is until you get one for yourself.

It’s one of those gadgets where reviews can’t do it justice. Order one down below.

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