Line Dock – The Smartest Portable Laptop Charger

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In a modern day, we rely on accessories to fuel our mobile technology. These include adapters for our laptops and smartphones, external hard drives, and power banks. Added together, that’s quite a lot to have to carry around. It makes mobile feel… all that less mobile.

portable laptop charger

Aware of these issues, the Line Dock Team invented the Line Dock—a portable laptop charger on Indiegogo that’s considered the smartest portable laptop charger in existence. Why smart? It’s no ordinary laptop dock! Let’s talk about some of its amazing features:

9mm Thin

portable laptop chargerPractically the thickness of a smartphone, Line Dock is the thinnest portable laptop charger available today, not to mention one of the only functional portable laptop chargers. It’s lightweight and will fit snuggly alongside your laptop in your bag.

20,000 mAh Battery

portable laptop charger

Line Dock holds a capacity of 20,000 mAh, adding up to 15 hours of additional battery life to your USB Type-C laptop. In other words, it can charge your laptop to 100% around 1.5x. This means you can leave your laptop charger at home.

Expandable SSD Storage

portable laptop charger

Line Dock offers expandable SSD storage of up to 1TB. Standard models coming with 256GB, Pro models with 512GB and Executive models with 1TB. SSD storage delivers much faster transfer rates than ordinary hard drives. With this expandable storage, you won’t need to bring your external hard drive around anymore.

9 Essential Ports

portable laptop charger

Line Dock has 9 essential ports built in, labeled as follows:

  1. SD Card Reader
  2. Mini Display Port
  3. USB 3.0 Quick Charge Port
  4. USB 3.0 Quick Charge Port
  5. USB Type-C Port
  6. USB Type-C Port
  7. USB 3.0 Quick Charge Port
  8. HDMI Port
  9. MicroB USB 3.0 Port
  10. Power button (not a port)
  11. Power LED indicator (not a port)

SD Card Reader

The SD Card Reader initiates when you plug a USB Type-C cable into your laptop, which is great for photographers that want to transfer photos and videos between their devices.


A total of 6 USB ports and three types (USB 3.0, USB Type-C, MicroB USB 3.0). Line Dock practically acts as a multi-type USB hub.

Mini Display Port and HDMI compatible outputs

With the mini display port and HDMI outputs, you’re able to pipe your laptop out to an external monitor or TV. Some newer laptops don’t have  However, you’re unable to use both video ports at the same time—no dual monitors for you with this dock!

IQ Charging Pads for Your Devices

portable laptop charger

With wireless qi technology built into Line Dock, you can charge up to 4 devices wirelessly by placing your qi-enabled devices onto the dock. Time to throw away your portable charger

Thermoelectric Cooling

Line Dock offers the first ever active cooling technology for laptops. Rather than blowing air into the laptop, it generates actual cold 20°F(-6°C). Laptops run slower when hot in order to protect itself from damage that results from heat. Using the Line Dock will improve the performance of your laptop.

The Summary

There we have it, the world’s smartest portable laptop charger. In case you missed it—with the extra battery, the external storage capacity, the USB ports, and the SD card reader—you can leave all of your accessories at home.

The Line Dock is truly everything you need as it’s the all-in-one dock for your laptop.

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