How to Prevent Cellphone Data Overage Charges For Good

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It happens to the best of us. We overestimate how much data we’re actually using throughout the month and we end up running out before our billing cycles end. This leads to pretty hefty overage fees on our cell phone bills. We could have spent that money towards something else! Keep reading to find out how to prevent data overage.

Prevent Data Overage

If you’re constantly going over your mobile data limit every month or coming close, you should install My Data Manager. It’s a free app available for iPhone and Android users that manages the amount of data you use and keeps you notified how many days are left in your billing cycle. It’s really handy to have if you want to prevent data overage charges.

prevent data overage

Step 1:

The app can be downloaded at one of the following links:

My Data Manager for Android Devices

My Data Manager for iPhones

prevent data overage

Step 2.

Input your information in the “add plan” screen.

The app will then calculate your daily data budget and will automatically update according to the amount of mobile data you use daily. If you reach your daily limit, the app will send off an alarm to let you know. That way you’re always aware when you’re going overboard with your data spending.

prevent data overage

Another neat feature of this app is the quick access to a screen that shows you what’s been using up all data. It’ll tell you what apps you need to cut back on.

As seen below in the screen capture, I spend most of my data on Instagram… which means I should probably cut back.

If you think this will help you prevent data overage charges, check out our other How-tos for more tutorials!

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