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How to Instantly Re-open Accidentally Closed Tabs in Google Chrome

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We’ve all dealt with the frustration of accidentally closed tabs in Google Chrome before. Perhaps our browser crashed and we want to pick up where we left off. Or it’s possible that Windows Updates just randomly decided to restart your computer and you lost all of your open tabs. Well, whatever the reason I’m sure we’re tired of scrolling through the browsing history to find the pages again. This tech tip will teach you how to instantly re-open accidentally closed tabs.

Luckily for us, despite the tabs being closed, Google Chrome stores recently closed tabs in something called “cached memory.” It’s basically a temporary storage space used to shorten data access times, etc. The fact that the tabs’ data are stored in cache, means we can re-open them.

Here’s a super simple keyboard shortcut to re-opening tabs in an instant. That combination is:


Go ahead, give it a try. See what tab opens up.

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