How to Use Your Phone at the Cinema by Screen Dimming

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You’ve seen that movie theater commercial about being a “Tommy Texter,” correct? Nobody likes them. They’re a distraction and should be kicked out of the theater. However, everyone at least once has the urge to use their cell phones in the theater room. It’s definitely possible to do so without emitting a bright light from your cell phone by using a “screen dimming” app. We’ll talk about that in just a sec.

The thing is, Tommy Texters exist because even though we’re able to control the brightness on our phones, the brightness can only go down so much. Even at the lowest brightness settings, most smartphones will still be too bright in a dark theater room. With a screen dimming app, we’re able to go beyond the lowest brightness settings through the use of a “grey filter” and the elimination of blue lights on your screen.

Let’s try it out!

Using a Screen Dimming App

screen dimming

Search “screen dimmer” in the Google Play store and choose an app that appears in the search results. Personally, I like to use Twilight because there are other features to the app that can help reduce eye strain and help you sleep better at night.

Once your app is installed, a new brightness adjustment bar pops up and you’re able to reduce the brightness of your screen even further, allowing your phone to be dim enough to use in theaters.Honestly though, if you’re going to a movie, you should be watching it instead of using your phone. This tutorial is just for those situations where you absolutely need to use your phone!

Also, the only caution I’ll give you is that if you adjust the bar too far to the right, you won’t be able to see anything at all. In which case, a quick ol’ phone restart will do the job.

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