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Top 3 Selling Platforms For Selling Used Things Locally

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Have old things you want to get rid of?

Whether it be electronics, clothing, vehicles, or other junk, try these three selling platforms out to get rid of your used items locally.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace - selling platform

Facebook recently launched a new feature within its app and website called “Marketplace.” Here you can buy or sell used things.

The great thing about Facebook is that almost everyone you know probably uses it and that’s why I consider it to be the most effective selling platform for getting rid of used stuff locally. When someone is interested in an item you post, you can communicate directly through messenger and schedule a meetup time and place.

Since safety is important when it comes to local transactions with people you don’t know, you can check out their Facebook profile prior to meeting

2. Letgo

letgo - selling platform

Letgo is an app that launched in early 2015 so it’s not very well known yet. The app is easy to use and easy to navigate and overall a pleasant experience for sellers.

To use the app, you simply post a picture and add a title, price, and description of your item. You don’t even need to enter your contact information as they buyers can contact you directly through Letgo’s chat system.

What I like about Letgo is how user-friendly and simple the app is. You can get your items up in less than a minute!

3. Kijiji

kijiji - selling platform

Kijiji is the most well-known selling platform when it comes to buying and selling used items locally, but I’ll mention it anyways.

Over the years, Kijiji has evolved and added new features. While the process to posting an item is simple, you can also promote your items by bumping them up to the first page, listing them as the top of its category, or adding urgency to them — all to gain more traffic to your ads, for a small fee of course.

Kijiji will always be an excellent platform for selling your old things!

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