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Spectacles – Made by Snap Inc. for Snapchat

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Love Snapchat? Then you’ll love Spectacles

Spectacles are newly-released, camera-equipped sunglasses by Snap Inc. That’s correct; it’s made by the developers of your beloved Snapchat app so that you can take snaps more easily. After pairing them with your smartphone, pressing the button on the frame will record a 10-second snap from your perspective. You can record up to 30 second videos which will be separated into 3 separate ten-second videos. To let others know that you are recording, an LED ring will light up on the left.

Since you experience life through video, video is all it records. Each snap you take with Specs gets stored into your memories, where you can grab them and share them with your friends. The quality of the videos may not be the absolute greatest but its functionality of the Specs definitely makes up for it.



  • Spectacles are rechargeable and will allow you to take about 100 ten-second snaps per charge. The case that comes with it holds up to 4 charges and is used to charge your Spectacles on the go; giving you about 400 available snaps to use throughout your day.
  • Comes in 3 available colors shown on the right: Black, Coral, Teal
  • Come in a one-size-fits-all size
  • Records HD video

Check out the video below to see Spectacles in action.

Of all the seasons throughout the year that they could’ve released these, it had to be Winter…. I guess you can totally still wear these to protect your eyes from the cold wind… right? You also won’t have to pull out your phone in freezing temperatures.

You can order Spectacles from their website for $129.99. It’s quite expensive but if you’re a true Snapchat fan, it’s all worth it.

All images found in this article are by Spectacles.

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