How to Speed Up Your Android Phone in Less Than 2 Minutes

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Is your Android phone running slow? Even if it isn’t, this quick tech tip will still be able to help you speed up your phone in less than two minutes!

By default, your phone’s operating system uses a lot of animations to switch between different screens and apps. If you want to double check to see what I mean, try opening any app on your phone right now. You’ll notice a fancy effect. These animations may make everything look cool, but they also play a role in making your Android phone slow.

By turning off “window animations” and “transition animations“, your android phone will fly through the opening and closing of apps; ridding your phone of unnecessary waiting times and ultimately speed up your android phone performance. As long as you follow these instructions carefully, this trick will be 100% harmless to your phone. Keep reading.

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Unlock developer options

speed up your android phone

Before you can access the animation settings, you must turn on “Developer Options.” You can do that by going into phone settings > about phone > software info and tapping on “Build number” until you get a notification that says “You are now a developer!”

Find developer options

speed up your android phone

After unlocking developer mode, navigate back a couple of screens and you’ll see Developer Options as one of your menu items.

Turn off animations

speed up android phones

Within developer options, scroll down until you see “window animation scale” and “transition animation scale” and then change them both to “off.”

***Make sure you leave “animator duration scale” alone as I noticed it disables Facebook Messenger sticker animations. It should stay at 1x.***

That’s it! Say goodbye to your slow Android phone. You’ll notice now that most of your apps will now open in a flash 🙂

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