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How to Unblock Websites At School in 5 Easy Steps

In most educational institutions, they often block certain websites that they don’t want you to enter on school property. It’s not just limited to schools either. Some sites are blocked in libraries, on trains, and in certain locations around the globe. These websites may include social media sites…

How To Recover a Lost Windows 7 Login Password

It’s not uncommon to forget or lose a Windows 7 login password. We have to deal with so many passwords for different social media, email and bank accounts that sometimes it just slips our minds. Otherwise, we may have written the password down but lost it somewhere.…

Windows 7 Update Keeps Searching

Windows 7 Update Keeps Searching? Apply This Fix

Windows 7 Update Keeps Searching? It’s a common issue amongst Windows 7 OS users and normally occurs with a fresh installation of Windows. Sometimes it’ll take hours to detect the updates. Being frustrated with this issue myself for quite some time, I did some research and found out…