Thinpl – The Card That Replaces All Cards in Your Wallet

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I don’t know about you but for as long as I remember, I’ve been using a minimalist wallet. I personally dislike the idea of carrying a stack of cards with me wherever I go because it’s just so unnecessary. Even so, I’m still carrying my debit card, credit card, and my transit card with me everywhere I go. These are my essentials and I absolutely have to have them on me at all times.

Thinpl – The Multi-function Smart Card

Today I discovered something mind-blowing—a multi-function smart card called Thinpl. It’s a card that can literally replace all debit and credit cards that are currently in your wallet. By linking to an app on your smartphone, Thinpl will allow you to store up to 30 cards inside its electronic wallet—creating near-replicas of your cards with all of the features as well. Built-in toggle buttons make it easy to switch between your stored cards.

You’ll be able to use this card anywhere you would normally use your other plastic cards including ATMs, grocery stores, gas stations, and shopping centers. Just treat it like any ordinary card. It even has an EMV chip, and NFC capabilities (which allow you to tap your card for purchases).

Now, right off the bat, you’re probably thinking about all the security risks that come with this card. You can rest assured because it has Military Grade Security which means it’s very unlikely that your information can get into the wrong hands. When you walk out of range from your card, it auto-deactivates and to protect all of your information. You can even use the app to remotely wipe out the entire card if you wish.

Because Thinpl is electronic, it does require charging. It includes a rechargeable battery that allows it to function for up to 30 days on a full charge. No worries here! The features are definitely worth the small hassle of having to recharge this card.

I’m pretty excited about this new technology and I’m sure many of you that are reading this right now are as well. To be honest, I’ve been waiting for something similar to come out for quite a while now but this seems far better than what I imagined.

Unfortunately, this item is still in its early development stages so it’s not available for purchase quite yet. The good news is the developers are going to start crowdfunding soon! You can expect to see Thinpl on Kickstarter or Indiegogo sometime soon. You can even expect a whole lot more features before its release; perhaps even support for non-financial cards? To keep up-to-date about the details of this product, visit their official website.

UPDATE | Due to the recent controversy with Plastc, I wouldn’t recommend investing in Thinpl just yet if you’re concerned it’s tied to Plastc somehow. It’s best to wait a while to see how it goes.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. I find it amazingly ironic that Plastc goes bankrupt and four days later this Thinpl card comes online. If someone was a good journalist I’m sure they could find a tie somewhere between the two companies. And yes…I was an initial investor in Plastc so I’m a bit pissed.

    • I’m sorry to hear that Bart! Although it is a bit ironic, all we can really do is hope that the two aren’t tied together because this product seems like it has great potential. I appreciate your insight on this.

    • It is right that thinpl pops up after plastc bankrupted? I subscribed thinpl february.

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