TrackR – Find Your Lost Items within Seconds

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Track your lost items with TrackR—the GPS tracking device. It’s the simplest way to find your lost or misplaced belongings. By attaching TrackR to your keys, wallet, bike or whatever else you lose frequently, you can easily locate them in seconds using the Trackr app on your smartphone. Plus, its coin-sized design allows it to fit anywhere! Making it the perfect companion for anyone who misplaces things (like myself).

The easy-to-install smartphone app has many cool features. With one quick tap, the TrackR attached to your item will ring to let you know where it is. If it happens to be too far for you to hear, your smartphone will be able to map out your item’s location as long as it’s within 100ft. However, if you lose an item outside of that 100ft radius, it’ll have to resort to its crowd-GPS feature.

What’s crowd-GPS? Since TrackRs can be detected within 100ft, that means that any TrackR user that comes near your TrackR will trigger a notification sent to your phone about your TrackR’s location. So even though it might not be within your range, it’ll definitely be in someone else’s. Sure comes in handy when there are hundreds of thousands of users at the moment, doesn’t it?

If you lose your phone, you can always press the button on the Trackr to set off an alarm. Pretty cool, huh?

Check out the video below for more details:

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