The Ultimate Laptop Stand – Pwr+ Portable Laptop Stand Review

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I think I’ve found the ultimate laptop stand! Before I talk about it, let’s just go over some facts that influenced me to buy a laptop stand in the first place.

Why Should You Use a Laptop Stand?

Fact # 1: Most laptops have poor cooling!

This is because the heatsinks and fans inside laptops are tiny and cannot output heat fast enough. When you pack so much technology into a small device, there’s bound to be some flaws… heat is one of them.

Given the above fact, since many of us like to use laptops on fabric surfaces such as our laps, beds, and sofas, we end up blocking the air vents at the bottom of our laptops which makes it even harder to cool! Air needs to flow in order for cooling to be effective. When we block the vents, there is no airflow.

Using laptops on fabric surfaces also encourages dust build-up within the laptop because there are a lot of tiny particles on fabrics. When dust clumps up, it ends up blocking air from flowing through.

Fact #2: A good majority of laptops die from overheating!

As a computer technician of 7 years, I’ve experienced hundreds of customers with computer problems that result from high exposure to heat. Even though the components inside of a laptop are supposed to withstand heat, heat still stresses out the parts. Overexposure to high temperatures can cause certain components or even solder joints to malfunction.

The cooler your laptop runs, the longer the life of the components inside. This will help your laptop last a bit longer!

The Verdict

Since most of us probably aren’t going to stop using our laptops on fabric surfaces, it’s a good idea to invest in a laptop stand—something that has a flat surface and doesn’t block air from flowing through.

The Ultimate Laptop Stand

When I think of the “ultimate laptop stand,” I think of a sturdy, multi-function laptop stand that can be used anywhere—on a couch, bed, desk, or even the floor if I prefer.

While there’re many laptop stands available for purchase, here’s why I decided to go with the Pwr+ Portable Laptop Stand:

  • Three-point adjustable legs
  • Sturdy body with aluminum tray
  • Silent cooling fans powered through USB
  • Mousepad Tray

I recently purchased this stand from Amazon and have been in love with it ever since! Here’s a breakdown of the features mentioned above.

Three-point Adjustable Legs

ultimate laptop stand - Pwr+ portable laptop standThe Pwr+ laptop stand can be adjusted in many different ways. In fact, the picture to the right will describe this feature for you.

It’s very easy to adjust as well because all you have to do is push the silver angle buttons located at each of the joints to unlock and adjust. There are even degree° indicators on the buttons to help you create symmetric angles.

This feature makes it possible to use this stand just about anywhere! Sometimes I have it standing up all the way next to my bed or on my balcony if I feel like using it outdoors. Most of the time, I feel lazy and just fold it down and use it on my bed though.

Sturdy Body With Aluminum Tray

Sturdiness and durability played a big role in my purchase of this laptop stand. After all, the last thing I want is my laptop to fall and my hard drive to stop working.

This laptop stand has a very solid structure. As long as I have it set up in a balanced angle, I’m not worried about the structure collapsing or tipping over.

It helps that it’s built with an aluminum tray and what feels like aluminum legs as well so Pwr+ definitely designed this to thing to last. Only the highest quality materials for the ultimate laptop stand!

Silent Cooling Fans Powered Through USB

ultimate laptop stand - Pwr+ portable laptop standSince cooling is important for preserving the life of a laptop, it’s convenient that this laptop stand has dual cooling fans built right into the tray. It’s powered by connecting directly into a USB port on your laptop.

The fan speed is no joke either—it’s quite powerful and can cool down your laptop significantly.

It’s comparable to a good quality laptop cooling pad you can purchase at a computer store.

Mousepad Tray

As if the stand wasn’t cool enough, Pwr+ decided to add another useful feature to this laptop stand—a mousepad tray. The tray is also made of aluminum and is a great surface for any mouse. The only thing I wish is that the tray was a tiny bit bigger. It seems too small to use my mouse on but at least it works!

The tray is also detachable so you can choose to use your stand with or without it. You can tilt it upwards to detach it.

Here’s some more pictures:

Intersted? You can buy the stand here:

Purchase | Pwr+ Portable Laptop Stand

Do you think this is the ultimate laptop stand? Let us know in the comments below.

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