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The Most Useful Chrome Extension for Google Apps

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Do you ever find it difficult to access of some of your Google Apps? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of everything Google does but why on Earth are there so many links?! There’s a separate link for docs, spreadsheet, notes, calendar, drive, and well… just about every tool they made.

We don’t have time to search for your tools, Google. Just give us one place to access them all, how bout’ dat?

It’s a good thing I spend a significant amount of my time finding solutions to different tech problems. I ended up discovering this useful Chrome extension:

Black Menu for Google™

useful chrome extension

Black Menu for Google™ is a tool that consolidates all Google apps into one place. This means access to over 50 Google tools including Gmail, Translate, Maps, Calendar, Office tools, and Photos – all at the click of a button located on the extension bar. You can even link up as many Google accounts to the extension as you’d like, enabling access to data from multiple accounts at once.

Additionally, you can customize your menu to suit your own individual needs. This includes adding to the menu whichever apps are most useful to you and rearranging them in any order. It’s the perfect tool for anyone who relies heavily on Google Apps.

You can download the extension here:

Black Menu for Google™

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