WalkCar – The Laptop-sized Future Skateboard

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What is a WalkCar?

WalkCar is a revolutionary transportation device that can reach speeds of up to 16km/h. It’s basically an advanced, future skateboard and possibly the most compact hoverboard you’ll find. You can use this device to conveniently get to school, work or grocery shopping, faster.

walkcar - future skateboardLike many hoverboards you see around nowadays, WalkCar is also controlled by weight. How fast you move and what direction you turn depends on how you choose to shift the weight of your body. One significant difference with this hoverboard is that you don’t need to lean back to stop. Once you step off the device, it will automatically stop in place; preventing it from rolling to places you don’t intend for it to go. You’ll also be safer when you’re near roads.


  • the size of a 13″ laptop—lets you easily fit your WalkCar into your backpack or tote bag
  • weights only 2.8kg—similar to the weight of a laptop
  • quick 60 minute charge time
  • 60 minutes drive time allows plenty of time to get to your destination and back
  • made from a carbon body material for additional durability and weight support

walkcar - future skateboard

WalkCar is still in its early development stages so right now you can only pre-order one. It’s not cheap either. At the time of this post, it’s retail price is $1280 USD. However, time is money and it will definitely help you get to places faster.

See it in action:

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