Windows 7 Update Keeps Searching? Apply This Fix

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Windows 7 Update Keeps Searching? It’s a common issue amongst Windows 7 OS users and normally occurs with a fresh installation of Windows. Sometimes it’ll take hours to detect the updates.

Being frustrated with this issue myself for quite some time, I did some research and found out that there’s one update¬†that’s slowing everything down. It’s called “Update KB3102810.”

For whatever reason, Windows Update always hangs on that one. It could be a glitch that Microsoft hasn’t taken care of yet but who knows. All we care about is the solution. Here’s the download link:

Update KB3102810 download

Before you run the update, make sure you stop the “windows update” service from your services.msc first. To do that, just hit the Windows key and type in “services.msc” and press enter. Then scroll down to the bottom, right-click “Windows Update,” and click stop. If you don’t do this step, sometimes the update will not work.

After installing this update, your computer will restart. Try checking your updates again and this time you’ll notice that it will take 5 – 10 minutes for Windows to detect the updates for your computer instead. That’s because once you get Update KB3102810 out of the way, everything goes much smoother.

I’ve actually been doing this with every new Windows 7 installation. It works like a charm! Rather than having to wait hours for the updates to detect, you cut the time down to a small fraction. It got rid of my “Windows 7 Update Keeps Searching” problem for good.

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